(Watch) New Wastewater Treatment Plant

New Wastewater Treatment Plant Coming to Sandbrock Ranch!


Mustang SUD Wastewater Supervisor, Ector Arguello, talks about the new wastewater treatment plant, and the wastewater treatment process in the video below: 


Our new, and first ever, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant is coming to Sandbrock Ranch! This wastewater treatment plant will be using the latest technology to treat wastewater, ensuring that only clean, environment-friendly water is released back into rivers and lakes. This plant uses Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology to process, filter and treat waste. The new facility is scheduled to be online by February 7th, 2019.

What is MBR Filtration?

The MBR process involves a suspended growth activated sludge system that uses microporous membranes to seperate the solids and liquid, thus eliminating the use of secondary clarifiers. The use of the membrane filtration produces a high quality effluent. MBR’s are becoming more popular due to the small footprint, a high quality end product, and the declining cost of the membrane filter.

Did You Know?

After water travels through the wastewater treatment facility, it goes into a holding tank for final purification before being released back into nature. At this point during the process, the water is actually cleaner and safer to drink than water coming directly from a river or lake. There are a few places in the US and overseas that are experimenting with recycling this water, sending it through a purification process, and reusing it! Recycling water in this way makes it possible to conserve at least 30% more water!


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